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The Barn Wine & Spirits store, you will find that we have just about every kind of beer you are looking for. We are proud of our selection of beers and lagers. No matter what the occasions is, let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you pick out just the right beer.

So what’s the difference between ales and lagers any way? The major difference is the level of temperature at which the alcoholic drink is fermented. Note that Ales are fermented at hotter temperatures 65-75°F while Lagers are fermented at cooler temperatures ranging 46-55°F. The second dissimilarity is the form of yeast applied in the fermentation method. Ales typically makes use of top fermenting yeast which floats to the beer surface for the initial couple of days and then settles at the base while Lagers make use of bottom fermenting yeast which settles without necessarily floating to the surface. Lambic is another major type of beer although it is far less popular than Ales or Lagers. Lambic uses wild yeast for fermentation.

List of Ales:

  • Amber Ale
  • Pale Ale
  • Bitter
  • India Pale Ale (IPA)
  • Irish Ale
  • Barley Wine
  • Stouts
  • Porter

Types of Lagers:

  • Bock
  • Dunkel
  • Marzen
  • Pale Lager
  • Munich Dark Pale
  • DoppleBock

Below is a list of our most popular sellers.



Not Your Fathers Root Beer




Dos Equis

Samuel Adams


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